Essay: Counter Service Facility in McDonalds

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Essay: Counter Service Facility in McDonalds

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Services are offered in two ways; a counter service facility, which is common for most fast food franchises, can be used or drive-through provisions which make it possible for customers to make orders and are served while still in their vehicles. A franchise however is also allowed to offer both services simultaneously depending on the preferences and demand within which the franchise is located. In the bid of satisfying customer’s needs, the flexibility seen in service provisions adds a point to these top rated classic franchises. The customer has a wide range of choice to make on which kind of service to have.

All McDonald franchises have the quality of homogeneity in service and product provisions despite the location; whether in developing or developed nations. All products prepared and served are synonymous in all units all over the world. Therefore customers whether local or tourists have no trouble in the quality of McDonald products wherever they go and this adds to the high performance of this franchise due to consistency in quality. To this day health issues have clouded this company after there are concerns by the necessary authorities on the state of health issues in the company. However, this issue has been dealt and is still being dealt with the McDonald officials in a good manner in such a way that none of the franchise’s businesses are disrupted and to health sector’s amazement, the quality of their products keep getting better and better each day.

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