Essay: Counseling Psychology Requirements

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Essay: Counseling Psychology Requirements

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Before exploring this section, it is important to note that the requirements vary from one level to the next. This means that, the requirements from the academic point of view will be considered; the professional ethics and practice; and then the requirements of the candidates to this area of specialization what might be referred to as the code of conduct.

Just like other disciplines this Counseling Psychology is covered up to the doctoral level. This means that every person intending to be in this field must demonstrate adequate intellectual ability especially in college. To qualify, the candidate must convincingly demonstrate dedication and thoroughness in his/her course work. Of course this can only be achieved through hard work and dedication in class. In turn, the professors will recommend through examinations that one has truly and successfully completed the course and have also acquired a convincing grade to be legible to practice in it. To reiterate, there is no short cut here but to work hard in the studies. In other words, counseling psychology has its minimum course requirements which must be met. Desire for it is not enough.

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