Essay: Costs of committing crime

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Essay: Costs of committing crime

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Fear of being victimized

This fear stems from the public perceptions of neighborhood stability and breakdown; circulation of representations of the risk of victimization, common through interpersonal communication and the media; and broader factors where anxieties about crime express the anxieties about the pace and direction of social change. The fear of being a victim of crime is differentiated from the actual fear of probability of being a victim of crime (p.48). The feelings emanating from the fear of being a victim of crime have a number of damaging effects on individual and group life. First, they erode public health and psychological well being. Secondly, they alter routine activities and habits. Thirdly, they contribute to some places turning into ‘no-go’ areas due to withdrawal by the community from accessing such areas. Fourthly, they drain community cohesion, trust and neighborhood stability.

Legal System

Criminal offenses cause greater impact to the culprit’s family and the society at large. The culprit’s family is affected to a large extent owing to legal charges such as hiring lawyers, court fees. The loss of time due to court recessions and the time taken to obtain evidence are other indirect costs of crime. In lengthy fraud trials, the costs can be very large, countries provide for defendants to be given public support for their legal costs. These are in form of either subsidies being paid for private defense services or direct provision of services in the guise of a public defender (p.82).

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