Essay: Correlation between Desensitization and Aggression

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Essay: Correlation between Desensitization and Aggression

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Most of the high school shootings that happened in the US in the 1990s were literary because of desensitization. These killings were done without any provocation. Columbine High School was the worst case in Colorado in 1999. Over a dozen violence acts were reported between 1997 and 2003 and were all associated with violent public media. The types of violence varied from sniper shooting, spree shootings to beatings to death (Knabb, Rhome & Brown, 2005).

Researches that were conducted in the 1980s did not draw conclusive results on the relationship between aggressiveness and desensitization. Researchers therefore saw the need of conducting researches that are more conclusive in order to ascertain whether there is any correlation between the two. Of importance to note is the fact that the experimenters showed there was a correlation between desensitization and aggression but they could not prove their findings.

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