Essay: Corporate & Investment Bank

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Essay: Corporate & Investment Bank

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The corporate and investment division has three main area of expertise in rendering its financial services. These three major areas are Global Banking which offers financial advice to company that need to raise capital or those that are involved in mergers and acquisitions. Citi usually leads very large transactions therefore identified as global enterpriser. Secondly, there is Global Capital Markets segment that provide sales, trading, and research services. With aim of providing clients with a global reach, which has made Citi the second largest brokerage system in the US.

The third category is the Transaction Services which provide clients with cash management and treasury services. In addition to that, other corporate services include custody services, ensuring that substantial amounts of capital are transferred to the appropriate recipients (Hudson 2002; Robert, 2001),  and having clients who hold global accounts under multiple asset classes. In this section or division have no many problems, although investors’ satisfaction level for the services declines.

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