Essay: Corporal punishments in shaping children

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Essay: Corporal punishments in shaping children

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It is important to be careful with children so that they may not become unruly and mischievous. In this sense, corporal punishment was regarded as an appropriate means in shaping the children. A father who spares the rod is spoiling the child is noted vividly in Proverbs 13:24. “Have you sons? Discipline and break them in from their earliest years. Have you daughters? Keep a close watch over them and do not look on them with indulgence” (Ecclus. 7:23-4). “Rod and reprimand impart wisdom, but an uncon- trolled youth brings shame on his mother— Correct your son, and he will be a comfort to you” (Prov. 29:15, 17).

Children should be helped and guided so that they may grow morally and in a disciplined manner. As such education should facilitate their growth, development and maturity. Education’s purpose is to prune from the mind of a child the embedded inclination to evil doings. It is also important to note that education is a process that does not end. All should seek to attain education the more they move up their ladder of life. It is proper for one to be able to read while at five years. At the age of four the child commences by familiarization of the consonants and vowels and further to that, the child also familiarizes herself with the principles of basic reading. In deed, at five years of age, the child will read perfectly (Baron, 1937)

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