Essay: Cooperation between Passengers and Crew

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Essay: Cooperation between Passengers and Crew

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It is the responsibility of all the stakeholders in this industry to ensure that security is beefed up since everyone is vulnerable. The respective authorities in all the states should make sure that proper screening of both people and cargo is undertaken before they are allowed to board a plane. There should properly trained personnel to handle each threat as it comes. There should also be cooperation between the different states in the world in order to ensure that every passenger is secure no matter the country of his origin. The airlines should take it as their responsibility to ensure that the places they visiting are secure. Passengers are expected to cooperate with the crew and security personnel since it is the responsibility of these people to make sure that they reach their destinations safely. (Thinking made easy 2010)

It is important for all the states to adhere to the standard security measures if we are to make the world a global village. Globalization can only be achieved if all the parties involved play their roles well. It is good to do business beyond the borders of one’s nation, but it is good to note the security in the states you are doing business with. The items being ferried by planes should be vetted to prevent situations where one may carry hazardous materials. This is referred to as crime prevention through environmental design. Trading in some materials is banned and they should not be ferried without authority from the relevant bodies. (Article Alley n.d)

These rules should be applied universally to every one irrespective of religion, race or language one is speaking. It is very dehumanizing to allow some people to by pass some security checks and yet subject others in rigorous screening. People ought not to be generalized one of their culture has done a criminal activity since every one has the power to choose what he want to do or not to do.

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