Essay: Cooperating with the government

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Essay: Cooperating with the government

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As an Australian citizen one can decide to protect the Korean-Australian citizen because of the perceived good in it. It could be that the Korean-Citizen is a potential husband or potential wife. It could be that the Korean-Australian native is an asset to the Australian’s business; may be they traded together to earn their living. In fact, the many years they have known each other could be that they have been doing business together.

See that, the Australian therefore, can decide to forgo his/her obligation to cooperate with the government because s/he wants to safeguard his/her interests and the benefit s/he can get from this Korean-Australian native. It is also worthwhile to consider that may be the Korean-Australian native promises some wealthy compensation if the Australian citizen accepts to hide his/her identity. It could be large sums of money or property or anything so long as it is money-worth. On the other hand, the Australian can decide to reveal the identity of the Korean-Australian native in case the federal agents offer him/her some reward, again that which is money-worth.

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