Essay: Conventional Methods of Interrogation

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Essay: Conventional Methods of Interrogation

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The fact that the Bush administration had authorized the use of torture as a way of getting information it is important to note that they gained very little information from those prisoners. Torture will most likely harden the person being interrogated and as a result, he would offer some helpful information.

It is through using conventional methods of interrogation that the interrogator will be in better position to get the information he is looking for. The constitution of the US gives every one the right to be treated as innocent irrespective of what he is being accused for until it is proven otherwise. Even after conviction, a prisoner ought to be taken to a correctional centre where he will be helped to become a responsible person in the society. It is of paramount importance to note that doctors should share the information of a patient with anybody else if the person happens not to be a doctor. In both Guantanamo, bay and Abu Ghraib doctors would share information of the health status of a prisoner.

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