Essay: Controversies with Toyota Products

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Essay: Controversies with Toyota Products

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Another article written by Irv Miller claimed that there have been controversies with Toyota products whereby Toyota began to recall certain brands. The article further claimed that the “he defect is the potential for an unsecured or incompatible driver’s floor mat to interfere with the accelerator pedal and cause it to get stuck in the wide open position” (Miller ). The firm further informed the owners of the brand to remove the floor mat until a remedy was addressed.

Days later, it was announced by the firm that the el glitches could cause the unwanted acceleration in the electronic engine management system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had investigated the issue of unintended acceleration six times in the past years.later controversial statement by both National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Toyota was released about the cause of the unwanted acceleration.

Based on the the above contradicting information, it is evident that the acceleration problems has taken so long because the firm has continued to deny the problem. The firm has further continued to give misguiding information about the causes of death as the clients continue to die.

This problem is far from being over since the management has been reluctant to invest sufficient funds to research and development to the root cause of the problem. The firm management should have acted fast once the problem was reported, but this has not occurred. Therefore, the whole blame is to the management, which should change. The management needs to change its operations and adopt a better way of dealing with such issues even if it will call for an organization change (Burke 239-272). Global brands like Toyota should invest their resource in the safety of their clients and carryout thorough research to ensure that it does not loses its market share. Lest the management changes its operations, the firm’s future is at stake since this problem has not been addressed for so long.

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