Essay: Controversies of the resolution

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Essay: Controversies of the resolution

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Since its inception, the resolution has been compounded by various controversies because of its lack of distinct definitions regarding the role of the congress and the president. In particular, the aspects of timing and withdrawal of troops by the congress after a specified period of time have been cited to be unconstitutional due to the fact that they impacted on the powers of the president who is the commander in chief. Notably, the compliance of the president to these provisions has also been very low. Basically, this is because of the controversies that compound the resolution. In addition, the congress has also failed to use the resolution powers to restrain the actions of the resident.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that that the efforts of the congress to control the executive branch in the implementation of foreign policy have not been successful. From the review, it is certain that the compliance of the president to the war powers of the resolution has been very low. In particular, he hardly consults the congress before releasing the forces to areas of hostilities or imminent hostilities, does not consistently provide reports about the same to the congress and hardly terminates the involvement of the forces after a specified period of time.

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