Essay: Contemporary Theorists of Language

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Essay: Contemporary Theorists of Language

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From the above three main theorists, contemporary theorists have drawn a lot. For instance, they recognize that children have a certain “agency” which enables them acquire language and communicate efficiently. They accept the fact that the social environment, the people in this environment and their interactions with the children are fundamental to the development of language.

Intentionality theories are also in existence and they have been since Aristotle’s time. It is like Piaget’s in nature as it acknowledges the role played by cognitive development in language development and communication. It is a theory that emphasizes the role of emotions and other aspects of learning and growth in the holistic development of a child, language and communication being part of the development.

All the theories in language and communication development help us realize that babies have that ability to communicate even in early months and therefore we should be there for them listening and sharing with them so as to help promote their language developments.

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