Essay: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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Essay: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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The practical problem being addressed in this chapter is about the safety of the products in the market, which is driven by public demand for quality products. The sellers need to be cautious about the safety of the products in the market as required by the principle of caveat vendor.

While the management is making decisions about new products, it needs to work closely with the CPSC to ensure that the products meet the minimum quality standards. While producing a product or a service, the manager’s needs to ask themselves several issues, these include:

  • Does the product meet the standards set by CPSC
  • Which mistakes should we learn from
  • Does the product fully inform the consumers about the quality
  • Has the firm carried out a full research about any associated hazard

The owners or the managers of a firm need to be fully aware about the legal framework associated with the faulty products. They need to be aware about the doctrine of strict liability in reference to the product liability. Faulty products results to loss of market share, high cost of compensation to the injured clients, legal costs, and eventually decrease in sales and profits especially if a product is recalled. Therefore, the managers need to employ tailor made policies like the six sigma and Total quality management among others to guarantee client satisfaction. Taking care of safety and quality issue will convert the client expectation into quality requirement of a firm. The government urgencies need to monitor the quality of the products in the market in order to guarantee client safety. The shareholders need to employ managers and employees with high integrity and competency to make certain that the products produced meet the minimum quality requirements. Products with high quality will improve the firms client base, improve the firm’s public relation ad ensure an increased sales volume.

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