Essay: Consumer behavior

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Essay: Consumer behavior

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At a time when the world’s consumer population is faced with vast social problems, it has become paramount for marketers to embark on social behavior change endeavors. More so, with most of the current marketing strategies being responsible for most negative social behaviors marketers need to redefine their roles in the society. As such instead of promoting unhealthy eating habits, smoking and alcohol use and environment pollution habits they must foster the reverse of this. The following literature review seeks to capture the role of marketing in promoting positive social behaviors especially in the public health sector, road user habits, tobacco use, and in the eradication of polio.

In order to influence social behaviors, it is vital to become familiar with the extent of particular social problems as marketers. In addition, understanding the factors which guide consumer behaviors and choices will also advance social change. Andreasen (2006, p.63) captures the initial part of the process of social marketing. Marketers are expected to scrutinize the social problems which exist especially with regard to the marketing of any of their products or services. Social problems arise from both objective and subjective constituents which basically define the urgency for social change. Obesity is a social behavior whose negative impacts are only understood through vast studies of emerging consumption trends. This process is what leads marketers to the conceptualization of social marketing strategies aimed at eliminating obesity.

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