Essay: Construct Process for Learning

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Essay: Construct Process for Learning

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Feedback: Feedbacks are important part of construct process for learning. Through feedback the trainees get a sense of their progression towards learning objectives and if not, they strategize how to get there. Feedback should be provided shortly after instruction to enable learners relate to processes they have used. Additionally, learners should be given good reacceptance on their feedback to encourage them to try again. For instance, instructor should use encouraging term like good trail or good attempt even if the trainee has given a wrong feedback.

Interest: In training intervention, learner’s interest comes as a result of learner’s intrinsic motivation. Whereby, the trainee should be made to feel the need to learn and own the goal of training is likely to increase urge to participate and be more engaged. To achieve trainees interest in training intervention, learning objectives must be relevant to their needs, Kolb (1979) emphasize that adult learners interest is embedded in their personal histories, vision of who they are and what the want to do. Therefore, to capture the interest of trainees, learning methods should integrate work and studies, theory and practice will provide a more productive learning undertaking by the workforce. In addition to this, adult will only remember or have interest to learn what they consider useful to them and has pleasure to learn it. Therefore, learning should be cantered on the content relevancy in accordance to what adult’s value with more pragmatic examples like marriage, divorce, parenting, taking a new job, losing a job (Powers, 2002, p. 241

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