Essay: Conservation of the environment-Leading polluters

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Essay: Conservation of the environment-Leading polluters

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The industrial revolution came long with so many benefits that made the world forget about its negative impacts. Countries now classified as developed are the major beneficiaries of this old phenomenon that caused a lot of environmental harm. These countries are the major emitters of green house gases namely methane and carbon dioxide that have had a very negative effects such as increasing global temperatures. The plain truth is that developed countries contribute the highest amount of these gases.

The US for instance was the larges emitter of carbon dioxide in 2006 as china tops the chart since 2006 despite existence of the Kyoto protocol of which United State has declined to sign. Amazingly, gases emanated from industries manufacturing exports. On the other hand, Africa combined only contributed only 2-3 percent of green house gases. From these facts, it is completely unreasonable for developed countries to put any conditions before giving environmental aid. In any case, Africa is an importer from these nations implying that compelling developed nations to set aside a financial kitty for developing country is unquestionable. It will therefore be very unfair to forcibly ask developing world to conserve the environment when the real culprits of the damage continue enjoying.

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