Essay: Conservation of the Environment in Africa

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Essay: Conservation of the Environment in Africa

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Research shows that Africa for instance is the main sink of green house gases meaning that it plays a very pivotal role in reducing the gasesĀ  from the atmosphere. Going by this fact, developed countries ought to make it mandatory for others in their league to unconditionally give a share of their benefits to developing nations.

From these shocking revelations, it is evident that not even a single developed country has the right to predetermine how developing nations should behave for them to receive environmental aid. They need to acknowledge that they are the leaders in destroying the environment and therefore fairly take responsibility. As much as we may argue that the effects of a dilapidated environment reach all of us, the question of sharing the burden is better answered by compelling bigger causative entities (developed nations) to lift the heavier end of the log. This will establish the much-needed enthusiasm in developing countries and thus boost the overall project.

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