Essay: Consequences of Not Making Required Repairs by landlord

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Essay: Consequences of Not Making Required Repairs by landlord

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The law has got rights, obligations and consequences. In this regard, due to failure of the landlord to comply with the repair and maintenance law of the house; consequences should befall the landlord of Sam and Tom.  Some of these consequences refer to the options that the tenant can have when the landlord or property manager or agent doesn’t meet legal responsibilities in providing necessary repairs and maintenance.

However the most important point is that the options adopted should match the situation or state of affairs. Some of these options are; the tenant can withholding the entire rent or place the rent amount in an escrow account until the problem is fixed. Secondly, these two tenants can hire a qualified person to make necessary repairs and deducting the cost from the next month’s rent. Thirdly, Sam and Tom can decide to pay less rent than what is required by the lease contract or move out before completion of the lease. The fourth option can mean for tenants to take initiatives of calling the building inspector, who has a mandate of calling landlord to attention to repair the house (Janet, 2008, pp. 207).

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