Essay: Congressional Prerogatives and the Making of Foreign Policy

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Essay: Congressional Prerogatives and the Making of Foreign Policy

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The major efforts that were undertaken by the congress to control the making of foreign commitments by the executive were the introduction and passing of the war powers resolution. In this, the congress aimed at controlling the decision making process of the executive regarding the involvement of US forces in hostilities as well as imminent hostilities (Legal Information Institute). At this point in time, the congress was not satisfied with the authorization of the involvement of the forces in the Korean conflict. However, these efforts have not been successful as the compliance of the president is very low. Notably, the congress has also taken minimal measures to restrain the activities of the president.

Fundamentally, the passing of the war powers resolution was aimed at providing vital procedures for both the president and the congress to participate in the decisions concerning sending the armed forces of the US to hostilities (US Government, 2). Its major provisions include requirement of the president to provide a report to the congress concerning any introduction of the US forces in hostilities and or imminent hostilities. After the submission or requirement for submission of the report, the war resolution powers requires that the employment of the forces must be terminated within a period of sixty to ninety days, unless the congress makes an authorization of continued use or extension of the period. Finally, it requires the president at any instances to consult with the congress prior to introducing the forces to hostilities or imminent hostilities.

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