Essay: Congress of Racial Equality

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Essay: Congress of Racial Equality

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It is here that she began to work for such organizations as Students Nonviolence Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Council of Federated Organisations (COFO), NAACP, and Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). She participated in demonstrations, marches, and was she even jailed severally. It is while in college that she manages to make some friends with the whites where she notices that all were the not same, though some whites especially the members of ‘The Klan’ were still very hostile. On the other hand, she was treated coldly by her community. The people of her community refused to show up in good numbers as she would have expected. She ended up breaking ties with her family who feared for their security due to her activism.

It was disappointing to see people die because they belonged to a certain race yet she advocated for non violence. During the campaign of freedom vote, she overworks to sensitize the Negroes to vote. As it can be seen, the Negroes don’t recognize her effort as only a small percentage turns out.  Disappointment grips her but she doesn’t give up. She seems not to believe the philosophy of non violence as advanced by Martin Luther King Junior whom she perceives as only a dreamer. She saw it as a passive tactic that didn’t yield results. Moody stopped to think of The African- American as the only marginalised minority group and thought millions of other who were under the same predicament around the group.

Essentially, coming of age in Mississippi vividly recalls all the events that led to the liberation of the African Americans. American society has come a long way in fighting the vice of racism. It is without saying that conditions have improved drastically.

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