Essay: Confucian Culture

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Essay: Confucian Culture

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Confucian culture was noticed early as a main cause for the popularity of Hallyu culture in East Asia. China, Japan, and Vietnam had been dominated by Confucian culture. In the base of Korean culture, Confucian norms are still alive even though they are a little transformed, but in China and Japan, quite much of Confucian ethics and norms have disappeared through Communist Revolution / Cultural Revolution and westernization respectively. However, it is not true that Confucian ethics have perfectly disappeared from the memories of the residents in those areas, so they feel warmth and friendliness from Confucian ethics that Korean dramas show.

A research institute comparatively analyzed a TV drama of Korea and China each, and a drama made by Taiwan and Hong Kong together, and announced its result; “In three dramas, human relationships were reproduced on the basis of Confucian behavioral norms that value smooth human relationships and virtue-giving life. That’s why Korean dramas, which contain cultural messages based on Confucian values, are easily accepted by viewers in Asia” (Yu and Lee 267). Cultural proximity, which comes from sharing Confucian culture, has contributed to Hallyu phenomenon. “The old generation of China still has Confucian sentiments and they have less repulsion against Korean culture because Korean culture and tradition are similar with China’s, and they arouse sympathy in terms of moral values” (Lim 195).

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