Essay: Causes of conflicts in the middle east-Introduction

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Essay: Causes of conflicts in the middle east-Introduction

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The Arab people and the Jewish communities in the Middle East have been in conflict for about a century now (Michael, 2011, p. 13). Open hostilities have been witnessed alongside political tensions between the two occupiers of the Middle East region of the globe. Many lives have been lost to the seemingly constant wars that seem not to be coming to an end soon.

Origin of the Arab-Israel conflict

According to various analysts, religion is the main recipe for this raw. The difference in doctrinal ideologies between the Arabs who are mainly Muslims and the Jews who follow Christianity is among the main causes of these wars. One of the believed origins of this conflict is the return of the Jewish communities to Palestine after initiation of a movement known as the Zionist movement (14). This movement grew even stronger upon establishment of Israel as a state in 1948. This lead to political tensions fueled by religion although other small differences such as culture have a significant contribution (Wright, 2008, p.45).

Another considerable origin of the wars is the belief by the Arabs that from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, the people are bound together by common religion, culture, and other historical heritage (Anderson, 2006, p.21). This belief has made any other people not associated with the Arabs as foreign. Vehement aggressiveness by the Arabia nations to protect this territory has made it rough for Israel, which is a Jewish nation to survive (26).

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