Essay: Conflicts of middle east-America, the enemy of the Arab world

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Essay: Conflicts of middle east-America, the enemy of the Arab world

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Since then, the Arab world considers America as one of its enemies especially for advocating for recognition of Israel. These events changed completely the role of Americans the region and how it is perceived as, tearing it between its interest in both Israel and the Arab nations (Michael, 2011, p.48). Arabs started to realize that Americans were there only for the purposes of protecting its interest in the oil industry and further divide their land to establish other illegitimate nations on whose platform America would operate to colonize the Arab world (66). American powers and its ideals were one of the major interests that America wants to uphold in the Middle East.

Involvement of America in this region has recently met with many critical views. Many people agree with the fact that America has neglected its own people and put a lot of focus on Middle East conflict. Many say that it is incorrect for their country to focus too much on the region (William, 2001, p. 18). Critics of the Clinton administration the ruled in the nineties say that their countries leadership was too much focused on reaching a formidable treaty between Israel and Palestinians lead made the forget the fight against terror making America more vulnerable to terrorist attack (27). However, this may be untrue since any aggressiveness against America is necessary to continue agenda in many Arab countries. This means that attack against America by the Islamic insurgents is probable whether America concentrates on other matters or not.

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