Essay: Conflicts between Israel and Palestine

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Essay: Conflicts between Israel and Palestine

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The Palestine’s have demand Israel to obey the international law and move back to the geographical boundaries that were established before 1967. If this happens, Israel will permit the refugees of Palestine origin to return home, it will vacate Palestine land and eventually control East of Jerusalem. Though Israel have occasional claimed to support independent Palestine state, this has not been regarded as genuine since she has further claimed that that objective will be achieved at a later date. This is similar to the case of Abul Khaizuran in Men in the Sun who claims to aid the three immigrants genuinely but has some genuine agenda to extort that. This is observed in the end of the book where after they die of extreme heat, he takes a watch and all the money in their pockets and dumps them at night. On the other had, Israel has demanded the ceasing of terrorist attacks on Israel civilians by terrorist of Palestine origin, otherwise to protect its citizens, she has vowed to control the orders, control of Jerusalem, and restricting the Palestine refugees from going back home.

In respect to the conflict, the US has taken sides with the Israel at the expense of Palestine. The US has supported Israel military operations against Palestine in the territories that have been occupied by Israel. The US has always supported the Zionist strategies and offered Israel support of all kind besides opposing any UN resolution to secure justice for the Palestinians. Abo-Sak noted, “The United States has vetoed 32 UN resolutions against Israel since 1972, including the resolution condemning Israel for massacring over 100 Lebanese civilians at the UN compound in Qana.”(Abo-Sak). America has therefore lost trust from other nations since it applies double standards and cannot fairly negotiate a peace between Palestine and Israel.

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