Essay: Conflicts between Employees and Management

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Essay: Conflicts between Employees and Management

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Most of the employers fail to take employees as their own assets and this makes them fail to motivate them in the workplace. The employees tend to be against the whole lot of the management team and in doing so; most of them form some unions, which try to fight against the mistreatments they face from the organization. It therefore follows that most of the time the employees will be spending their time in the unions rather than improving the performance of the organization. At other times, the unions will help in organizing strikes and this not only damages the reputation of the firm but lead to high turnover rates of employees. Tannenbaum (1962) has confirmed this as he argues that the motivation of employees in the workplace will highly determine the place the employees would wish to spend most of their time; either in social groups or in the organization.

There are several methods, which have been confirmed by researchers to be of great help when it comes to employee motivation. According to Wood et al (1990), all those methods applied help in employee motivation and further directly influence the performance of the organization. According to Accel-Team (2010), there are seven strategies, which an organization can employ to make the performance of the employees increase bearing in mind that job performance is the product of ability and motivation. These are positive reinforcement, effective punishment and discipline, fair treatment of the employees, satisfaction of the employees’ needs, setting the work goals to be achieved, job restructuring and rewards awarded based on job performance.

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