Essay: Conflict management strategies

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Essay: Conflict management strategies

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In this regard, conflict management strategies such as Collaboration, Compromise, Competition, Accommodation and Avoidance are vital (Tyler-Evans and Evans, 2002). But I have noted that collaboration strategy prove to be the most appropriate in the sense that it involves matching concern for  one rival group’s own interests with concern of the interests of other opposing group. The solution arrived at satisfies both parties fifty percent each, hence, help to build commitment and reduce bad feelings among the parties.

This has been a wonderful experience in my attempt to attain two aspects of management: leadership and conflict handling from the leader’s perspective in critical care units (Marquis, Huston, 2008).  Moreover, learning of negotiation has enabled me to acquire fundamental principles that facilitate successful negotiations. For instance, while negotiating I’ll openly discuss interests rather than stated positions; I’ll concentrate on inventing options for satisfying interests. Thereafter, evaluation of options is necessary that leads to a written agreement and enhance commitment between the parties to ensure that each party to the conflict must be confident that the others will carry out their parts of the agreement.

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