Essay: Conclusion of Case-Lafarge China

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Essay: Conclusion of Case-Lafarge China

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The paper has successfully identified issued in the Lafarge case that necessitates ethical approach in regard to managing human resources behaviours of the firm.  The management in the quest to change and modify the company, to a greater extends utilized micro-environment approach informed from international practices. For instance, the firm used Chinese middle managers which meant that they were aware of the cultural and local aspects of local workers, community and governmental policies. Additionally, many recruits were poorly educated and employees acquired by procedures engulfed in nepotism. This implied a low skilled and inexperienced industrial workforce, lead to venturing into Beijing labour market for skills they lacked. Based on the local scene and international guidelines it influenced how change relationship with ACFTU, Training and development of workers and culture of communism informed designing of efficient work system which was linked to compensation and bonus (refer table of internationalization).

It is a point of worth to mention the management approach to change is commendable. Top management did not only initiate change needed, but they also involved the employees in the change process like in designing the employee’s handbook on rules and regulations. This ensured that change was people centered and not imposed hence less resistance faced in implementation.  Additionally, constant direct two way communication for clarification and educating enhanced increased understanding.

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