Essay: The Concept of Culture Shock

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Essay: The Concept of Culture Shock

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Describe the concepts of culture, culture shock, and ethnocentrism; and describe the stages in adjusting to a new culture.

Culture shock results the anxiety in people as they realize that they are about to loose all the symbols and signs that are familiar and acquired during their social intercourse. Ethnocentrism is the belief that ones culture is superior than others and thus dominates over all since all the others should be determined in its reference (Tischler, 1990). The steps involved in adjusting to a new culture are initial enthusiasm, initial culture shock, initial adjustment, further culture shock and further adjustment.

Week 4

1)      Explain the concept of management by objectives and how it is used in an organization.

This is the concept of making the employees and the management agrees upon the organization objectives and understands what they mean. Its main aim is to increase performance of the organization thorough goal’s alignment (Olsson, 1968). It is used in an organization by involving all the employees of the organization regardless of their status.

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