Essay: Computer Information System

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Essay: Computer Information System

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Computer information system plays a crucial role in any organization since it responsibilities includes implementing any technology need within an organization. One area of computer information system that I would like to improve in my life includes carrying out intensive research and develop a security system which cannot be accessed by any intruder. This is because in this era of technological development, security of data in many organizations has become an area of key concern. Many organizations share their information online including carrying out transactions only, however, hackers have used this as an opportunity whereby they access the data stored and blackmail firms or access clients’ credit cards spending their money. Development of a secured system is an area I will invest my resources to ensure the security organization’s data and increase confidence in the transactions and information stored in a firms information system.

The second thing I would like to improve in the computer information system is improving the technology available and making it compatible with all organizations. Presently, though there are enormous technological innovations taking play daily, most technologies are not compatible with these technologies since they invested in technologies that have become obsolete. Thus in case they need to use the latest technology, they have change the whole of the organization. I therefore need to create software that is compatible with most organizations. The software will also be easily improved overtime hence making it to have longer lifecycle than most organizations. This software will be a major relieve to most organizations who spend a lot of resources in changing their information systems.

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