Essay: Computer Games resulting in Obesity among Youngsters

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Essay: Computer Games resulting in Obesity among Youngsters

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Urban children have access to the new technology such as computer and digital television, which consume most of their free time. They spend their free time watching television, movies and when they are playing, they only play computer games. Computer games are addictive and it is likely that they will sit in front of their computers to play games every time they are free. These computer games do not involve any physical movement and therefore they do not burn the excess fat stored in their bodies yet they eat excessively resulting to obesity.

Parents are also to be blamed for influencing and shaping the eating habits of their children from infancy to adulthood. These influences include poor infant feeding methods, and the variety of food that they make accessible and available for their children at home. Several studies suggest that breastfeeding offers a small but consistent protective effect against obesity in children (Arenz et al 1253-1256). This effect is most pronounced in early childhood. It has been hypothesized that exposure to complex sugars and fats contained in bottle formula influence “obesogenic factors” in infants, which predispose them to weight gain later on in life (Yajnik 217-224). Recent studies have postulated that breast-feeding does promote healthier eating habits since breastfed infants eat until they are satisfied while infants that are fed with formula eat until they have consumed all the formula. Breast feeding also may expose babies to more variability in terms of nutrition and tastes since formula fed infants have experience with only a single flavor, whereas breastfed infants are exposed to a variety of flavors from the maternal diet that are transmitted through the milk (Bonuck, K, 535-540).

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