Essay: Computer crime

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Essay: Computer crime

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Cybercrime is a serious crime at national and international level that is increasingly becoming an area of concern even to the police officers. Cybercrime is defined as “a criminal offence involving a computer as the object of the crime or the tool used to commit a material component of the offence” Cybercrime can be can be defined into two broad categories, the category being where the computer is used as a tool for crime. Among the crimes committed where the computer is the tool of crime is child pornography, fraud and sales of illegal good.

The second category is whereby the computer becomes the object of crime. This involves computer network and computers. Further, this involves that are catalyzed by the emerging technological development. These kinds of crimes include hacking, defacing websites and cybercrimes among others. Cybercrime is a crime whereby criminals to access other people or organization data with ill intentions use the computer. Cybercrime is also referred to as computer supported crime, internet crime and high tech crime.

As the millennium turned many organization had integrated technology in their organization in order to be competitive, as the world became a global village due to globalization. Information technology is an inevitable invention that is needed in every organization in order to remain efficient in its operations. The digital nervous system has become a necessity in all the activities carried out by the human beings. May it in the activities at home or in the business activities, however, it has also brought some great challenges that have not been considered in depth.

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