Essay: Components to be evaluated in the workplace

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Essay: Components to be evaluated in the workplace

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The components that need to be evaluated are the three levels of capacity required to be attained by training intervention targeting at capacity development. These three levels are organizational capacities, individual and occupational. In taking an integrated approach towards evaluation; first step is the levels of capacities intended to develop shall focus on and the second part shall cover the interconnectedness of these three levels to facilitate organization goals attainment. However to evaluate the two component s involved, Kirkpatrick’s model (Goldstein 2003: 209) with four level approach prove to be useful. The four levels are reaction learning, behaviour and results.

Reaction phase

Reaction phase measures the trainee’s feelings and attitudes towards the usefulness and interest of the content, instructor’s effectiveness, quality of leaning and teaching aids used. The measures employed at the reaction phase in evaluation are highly dependant on the trainee’s attitudes and satisfaction and not behaviour change after trainee exposure to the learning experiences and activities. Additionally, these measures are affected by personal characteristics of instructor, per diem provided and the discrepancy between personal experiences and training objectives.

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