Essay: Complications of Pancreas

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Essay: Complications of Pancreas

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The fact that there is limited space in most hospitals makes it impossible to operate on all the patients that have pancreas complications. This means that some have to be discharged to await operation at home since keeping them at the hospital is an expensive idea, which cannot be of much help to the patient. Delaying surgery some times, leads to complications like jaundice.

Patients who are suffering from acute pancreatitis appear to have an increased chance of developing complications if they undergo Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on their first admission. It is advisable for the patients to wait for the attack to subside before they face the surgeon. Patients who have mild attacks have lesser chances of developing any complications if they are operated on the first day of admission so it is recommended they be operated early. (Acosta et al 1980) It is good to give the patient for the pain to go before doing an operation as this goes a long way in reducing the chances of complications.

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