Essay: Comparison of The Theme of Observing/Following Duty to Country

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Essay: Comparison of The Theme of Observing/Following Duty to Country

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The citizen has to suppress his personal loyalties for those of the community to dominate. This is oppressing to the citizen since he cannot lead a happy life. He has to do everything right including the number of children to bear and this is hurting as it is said, “For in everything he did he served the Greater Community”. It is like human rights are not respected since no one is seen to have these rights.

The main difference between these two poems is the person being hurt by the loyalty. It should be noted that someone has to be hurt in the different stories but the people hurt are different. The soldier has to kill and hurt another man without major reasons. The citizen has to hurt himself by doing everything right to please the entire community.

The two poems show that one cannot be safe without patriotism. You have to follow all the rules of the country no matter how much you will get hurt and how hard they seem. Those who are on the side of the government are very safe for they will remain with freedom even if without happiness. The man is oppressed trying to meet the demands of the society since he cannot live his own life but rather a dictated life. He is not the one to decide the kind of life to live since this is the responsibility of the larger community. The soldier shoots the man with baseless reasons, he has once met this man and he was not a bad man to relate to. Without the community conditions, the two can make great friends and even share drinks and help each other in personal problems.

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