Essay: Comparison of Poets

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Essay: Comparison of Poets

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All the poets had original ideas in their poetry but while three of them published their work while they were still alive, most of Dickinson’s poetry was published after her death. The work of Dickinson was very different from the works of Whitman since her work was not addressed to any audience and had so much rhyme. It is also worthy noting that the four poets grew from different backgrounds for instance, Dickinson grew from Amherst while Whitman grew from New York City and thus had influences from different types of people.

The mode of stressing for the four poets was different as it is noted in the way Dickinson uses capitalization to stress her work. Whitman used repetition in his writing while the other two used symbolism and exclamation marks.

All the four poets are very different in their way of writing but very similar in the period they started their literature works and the struggles they had to undergo. They have original ideas, which are relevant to the society since they are the issues the society people overcome.

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