Essay: Comparison and Contrast of Family Structures

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Essay: Comparison and Contrast of Family Structures

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Most cultures have bestowed men the responsibility of being the family heads and women were in charge of household activities. It is clear that Indonesian women have total control in management of family and household activities while the Thai women were allowed to be in control of household activities to a certain level. Indonesian women were very powerful and influential in regard to family and decision making process.

Divorce rate is very high in Fiji Island and in the America and the traditional roles of females and males are doubled in aim of gathering for family needs and the welfare of family members. Indonesian and Indian culture preserved the institution of marriage; divorce is not common and rare thing to happen. Indonesian are very gender sensitive, women  hold high status, empowered and independent in decision making while the rest allow women to participate in decision making to a certain degree.

Family structure differs from one culture to another though each ideology states that society is dependent on the family. Thai and Indian had a joint family structure characterized by sharing of the resources. Indonesian culture believes in family which is the unit of the wider society and that each individual must belong to a family.

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