Essay: Comparing Young Goodman Brown, Araby and Fern Hill

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Essay: Comparing Young Goodman Brown, Araby and Fern Hill

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It is important to note that all the three protagonists in the above stories are very innocent as the stories begin. Young Goodman Brown is a very good man in the society as his name suggests. His dead parents have raised him in a Christian way and he is a religious man. He respects all the people that have played an important role in nurturing his faith in Christ. Among these people is his catechist teacher, an old woman known as Goody Cloyse, the deacon as well as the minister since he knows them as true Christians.

On the other hand, the narrator in the Araby starts as a boy who is just admiring Mangan’s sister. Mangan is a very good friend of the narrator but he, Mangan does not know whether his friend, the narrator admires his sister. The fact that he does not know how to tell this girl about his feelings shows that he is an innocent boy who has not learnt how to seduce a girl. When the narrator in the Araby sees the girl, he only likes to admire her body and anything that she might be wearing. In Fern Hill we a meet the narrator, a boy who says that he was happy and green. By referring to himself as green shows, he was innocent and naïve. When he refers to pebbles in a holy stream, he shows that he has faith in God. The speaker also uses biblical quotations severally in the poem like when he refers to a white lamb.  A white lamb also refers to innocence that is been exhibited by the narrator in Fern Hill. The boy is just following the lord to his death.

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