Essay: Comparing & Contrasting Araby & Young Goodman Brown

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Essay: Comparing & Contrasting Araby & Young Goodman Brown

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In the two stories the main protagonists are very innocent but they learn what happens in the world of adults. In the Araby the narrator does not know what to tell the girl he loves so much while in Young Goodman Brown, Brown realizes that some of the people in his church might be hypocrites. Brown loves his wife Faith very much whereas in the Araby story the narrator secretly admires Mangan’s sister. The two boys are like two converts since the boy in Araby does not know how to seduce a woman but he is ready to learn it. On the other hand Brown has been a devout Christian but he finds himself in the midst of witches where he is about to be converted. Each one of the two boys is alone in the fight since there is no one to help them out. The boy in Araby has to learn how to seduce on his own whereas Brown is the only person in the gathering who is not willing to get converted to witchcraft.

The narrator in Araby is a very innocent boy in the beginning of the story. He tells how they played innocent games with his friends in the street outside their house. It is important to note that the narrator is drawn to the sister of one of his friends, Mangan. The narrator lives with his aunt and uncle. He has been a secret admirer of Mangan’s sister but he does not know what to tell her.

When the narrator in the Araby gets the chance to talk to Mangan’s sister, she tells him that she would like to go to Araby but due to some other commitments she cannot make it. It is at this moment that the narrator says that he will go and bring her a present. At the bazaar the boy (narrator) notices a young lady who is talking to two gentlemen. He pretends to be admiring what is being displayed for sale but he is eavesdropping. The narrator in the Araby wants to get a glimpse of what a man should tell a woman if he is in love with her.

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