Essay: Compare & Contrast Theme for English B

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Essay: Compare & Contrast Theme for English B

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In the poem ‘Theme for English B’ the writer meant to pass the message that people are who they are, despite how they try to fit with those that they envy. One can play the part but they have the same opinions and values that one grew up with (Gardner et al. 575). People assimilate other opinions and values but they still remain different. Most people tend to respect their own opinions and values more than those of others.

This poem talks of how to break racial backgrounds and every individual perception of the truth. This is evidenced as the poet points out that although he is colored and his instructor white, the piece of literature he writes will have a connection with the instructor for they share their interests.  In the story ‘how to become a writer’ writing something new in the middle of the night, armpits damp and something nobody has seen is the only happiness that one can have in writing new things. The writer asks the reader to begin by being something or anything else (Gardner et al. 576).The narrator compares the need to write with having polio. He then brings out humor by saying that after finishing writing; the writer looks down at the hair in his arms and smooths them always in the same direction.

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