Essay: Community Policing

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Essay: Community Policing

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As mentioned above community policing involves shifting the policing initiative to the public by making them involved in safeguarding public security. They however, do not replace the police or take their role for example, walking into the police stations and taking all the guns or uniforms for their use; no, it is working jointly with the police to eradicate criminal activities in the society and above all, establishing a friendlier relationship with the police.

Looking at the modalities of beat policing it risks putting all the responsibility in policing to an individual police officer. Beat policing involves an individual police officer taking responsibility for the policing needs of a community in a given territory (Mazerolle, P. 2003). In most cases, beat policing does satisfy the community and this low performance can be attributed to the fact that the initiative in maintenance of safety is overseen by one police officer. Surely, s/he cannot manage every thing without the cooperation of the entire community in that geographical area.

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