Essay: Community development activities

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Essay: Community development activities

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Collaboration with community (Dugan, 2002, p. 285) shall be enhanced by school involvement in community development activities and events which is a two way street. Thus when the school have seen to be involved to a greater extend with community people are likely to be hooked up to the school.

Therefore, enrolment, offering summer employment to high school, college and middle school to locals; hosting and sponsoring a charity ball for senior citizens or children and volunteering in a local literacy program will cement the relationship and promote the school to the community. In order to monitor and evaluate the progress of the marketing plan impact to the community, it is vital to get it from persons who visit the school. Administrator should adopt a feedback encouragement policy, since people like to feel and see that you pay attention and care about what they think. Therefore, there should be a feedback form placed at the reception counter to generate feedback about the quality of services provided.

Thus, media involvement in marketing the school educational brad to the target market in educational world focuses on the school programs and learners achievement in school brands.

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