Essay: Better communication with residents through community policing

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Essay: Better communication with residents through community policing

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Organizational change also has an important element of geographic fixedness based on cultural and social considerations (Davidson, 1991). This is believed to enhance better communication with residents since police officers are better placed to understand and respond to community problems with ease.

Various departments have to partner with the government in community policing philosophy. This is not however the province of partnership with the government alone as other community agencies and service providers has to assist for easy achievement of community policing goals (Davidson, 1991 ). This collaborative aspect helps in cashing in on the individual strengths, tools and expertise of the collaborating institutions.

Problem solving is another aspect of community policing which is founded on the address of the underlying conditions which give rise to crime or disorder (Linda, 2005). This is in an effort to prevent any future occurrences of the same nature by identifying and analyzing the problems encountered. Community policing entails among other tenets problem- solving policy. However, problem-solving can be treated separately. It is discussed below.

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