Essay: Communication in an organizational setting

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Essay: Communication in an organizational setting

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This part generally explains the contents of the lesson, the objectives of the lesson and how the objectives help in achievement of the lesson plan.

Contents of the Lesson

The session would include theoretical and practical aspects of the effectiveness of communication in an organizational setting. Communication is effective only when the information which is intended to be transferred by the sender is received just in the manner as it is intended by the receiver on a timely basis without any distortion in the information. There are certain elements that add to the effectiveness of communication which are; completeness, concreteness, correctness, conciseness, and clarity. All these factors help in ensuring the flow of effective communication. Apart from the factors that add to the effectiveness of the communication, the factors that cause hindrance in effectiveness of communication would also be explained to the learners. Such hindrances may be the hierarchical structure of the organization, physical and psychological context of the communication, cultural and social differences etc.

The proposed learning is cognitive because it would enhance the knowledge of the learners regarding the factors that can enhance the effectiveness of communication. The knowledge can then be used in practical scenarios.

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