Essay: Communication Channels and Feedback Mechanisms

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Essay: Communication Channels and Feedback Mechanisms

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Despite that there is also a challenge of the leadership function of the firm that is bureaucratic and lethargic style applied that majority of powers are struggling for power, lack of proper interdepartmental and overall organization communication channels and feedback mechanism. For instance at the time of the writing off of the US$1 billion palladium stockpile lack of information flow between the purchasing, treasury and research departments made unnecessary expensive undertaking. Therefore in other words it means that the overall company organization needs restructuring in its major departments including the functions.

For instance in order to establish proper turnaround changes, the organization should be prepared for it by ensuring that there are in place necessary mechanisms that supports the change. However despite Mulally’s progress that has seen the firm out of heavy loses, from loss of US$ 1.4 billion in 2006 to a loss of US$ 282 million in the first quarter of 2007 (Kerwin 2006, Huston 2003). Much has to be done than to be desired to see the firm to regain its hey days on the sun.  This is the sole purpose of this paper by its end.

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