Essay: Communal Mode of production

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Essay: Communal Mode of production

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For human liberty to be realized in Foucault’s words there should be clear definition of government institutions such as, judiciary, legislature and executive. These institutions should promote fundamental human rights that include speech association and conscience. He is also opposed to liberalism theory because it does not achieve its aim, which is to promote economic independence by allowing citizens the freedom of participation in governance. At the same time it does not give them a choice to engage in economic production.

Foucault’s reason for favoring identity dissolution is that it works towards the equality of the population and security of their sexuality. Marxism on the other hand promotes class struggle. He observes that in the initial period of human civilization in the main mode of production was communalism because resources were collectively owned by the people. In such a communal mode of production there were no classes but as the society advanced communalism paved way to feudalism. Man was always aggressive to amass wealth and take total control of the environment as a way of embracing modernity.

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