Essay: Commercialization of the media

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Essay: Commercialization of the media

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The present situation, thanks to commercialization of the media has greatly increased the use of communication as part of international trade agreements and not political initiatives (Hamelink 172). The negotiations in international trade have also enhanced privatization of communication infrastructure a point mentioned by Fursich in his article. The state funding, its abuse by political elite and the widening global marketing can be said to have liberated the media. This follows from Hamelink’s argument (Hamelink 172) above that international trade agreements and not political initiatives improved communication.

The end result as Fursich states was that the state-owned broadcasters had to adjust to what he calls a mixed economic model that encompassed advertising and reducing state subsidies. The new commercial media environment, he adds, led to among others proliferation of shows stations and formats with advertising focused on the haves, neglecting the have-nots. I could not agree more with Fursich on this point primarily because ,brought down by the heavy financial needs so as to achieve its national goals, the national broadcaster of any country will use all means possible to hang onto the issues in  its blue print.

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