Essay: Combination of Words in Language

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Essay: Combination of Words in Language

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At 24 months the child can name various objects in his/her environment and can comfortably use two propositions chosen from in on and under. He/she is also able to combine words so as to form short sentences of verb-noun combination which are approximately 12 words in length. The child is largely intelligible in his/her speech with 2/3 of the total speech being intelligible. At this stage, the child has a vocabulary of between 150 and 300 words but is poor in fluency and rhythm. He/she cannot control the volume or pitch of his/her speech. The child can also use the pronouns I, me, you but mostly confuse me and I. The child can respond well to commands like, show me your mouth, hair, father etc.

Upon reacting 36 months, the child handles account three sentences easily and has a vocabulary of 900 – 1000 words. The child is almost 90% intelligible with its speech being predominantly verbs. The use of pronouns I, you, me are not problematic to the child and can use plural (some) and some past tenses (Hamaguchi 2001). He/she understands three prepositions in, on, under at this point. In addition to this, the child knows different parts of the body and can indicate them. The child is also able to relate his/her experiences so that they can be reasonably followed, and may not be in a position to answer all questions directed to him/her despite the fact that he/she may understand what is expected of them in the question.  He/she is able to reason out questions like “what do you need to do when you are hungry?” and so on.

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