Essay: The Color Purple

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Essay: The Color Purple

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The novel The Color Purple tells the story of a black girl living in Georgia. She is uneducated and at the age of 14 and her father has repeatedly raped and beaten her. The name of the girl is Celie whereas his father is known as Alphonso and the reader learns that they have had a baby girl together whom was stolen by the father. Celie already has a baby boy but his father still steals him. After the death of Celie’s mother, her father remarries but his father continues to be abusive.

Nettie is a young and beautiful younger sister to Celie and it is at this moment that a man by the name of Mr.—– is introduced to the reader. However, Mr. —– is interested in marrying Nettie, her father is opposed to the presumed marriage. Shug Avery, “a sultry lounge singer whose photograph fascinates Celie” is Mr.—-‘s lover, but that does not stop her father from offering him Celie whom he considers as being ugly.(Walker 135) Having been denied the woman whom he loves he goes ahead and marries Celie but he subjects her to miserable married life. Later Nettie runs away from her father to seek refuge at her sister’s home where she is forced to flee after Mr.—– shows advances to her. Kate Mr.—-‘s sister is not amused by the abuse her brother shows Celie and she urges her to fight back rather than sit and assume that everything will be okay. Mr. —– has a son by the name of Harpo impregnates a girl known as Sofia and they end up marrying. Later when Shug is taken ill, she comes to live with Celie where she is rude to her at first. The two women later strike a friendship when Celie proves to be caring as she nurses her. Harpo is of the opinion that that he Sofia should be submissive to him but after some time she decides that, she has had enough of him and leaves taking her children with her.

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