Essay: Cohesiveness of a culture

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Essay: Cohesiveness of a culture

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According to a cultural need for group cohesiveness, conflicts may ensue or increase the deterioration of the cohesiveness within a culture.  During these conflicts that tear at the cohesiveness of a culture, “group think” arises which compromises the “rational and irrational” thoughts, actions and purpose of the group.  Contributing to the phenomenon of “group think” are the factors of “insult, shame and anger” and the deterioration of “moral, emotional and cognitive judgments.”

Careful selection between choices may also be compromised during group think.  Selection between choices does not automatically result from identical thoughts between “group members.”  Instead, there is an urgency to collaborate the differences of individual thoughts and perceptions with “collective” responses and “collective” perspectives.  This collaboration serves as a guide to preserve group cohesiveness.  As a consequence of group think, a culture must consider each individual perspective as a necessity during urgent, conflicting periods to asses and determine a positive outcome.  The outcome may differ not only according to the individual perspectives within a culture but also because of the varied context and purpose of differing cultures.

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