Essay: Cohabiting Unions in the United States

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Essay: Cohabiting Unions in the United States

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There are better ways of preparing for marriage rather than taking cohabitation as a control tool, more so, most of the people who cohabitate do not end up marrying each other. According McManus “about 40 percent of cohabiting unions in the United States break up without the couples getting married.” Average duration: 1.3 years. Afterward they suffer from what might be called premarital divorce” (McManus). The reason for this trend is that those cohabitating is that these couples consider this a trial marriage and since there is not legal obligation, then they end up separating before they marry.

There are high chances that incase where a couple cohabitated before marriage, they are likely to be married unhappily and chances of divorce are very high. When people cohabitate, they are likely not to be committed like in a married case. Cohabitation undermines the institution of marriage hence making the individuals cohabitating have a high degree of divorcing when they get married. The marital responsibility associated with marriage like bringing up f children bring many changes in their relation hence some parties do easily take these roles positively resulting to stress and frustrations in the marital union. Those cohabitating normally enjoy unlimited romance at the expense of well principled relationship. It is of paramount importance to note that marriage if founded on commitment rather than romance which is used as the bases for cohabitating. This makes cohabitating not to be encouraged since the future union of marrying and establishing a committed relationship is diminished by cohabitation (Alfred, Vaninadha p178-190).

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